Your voice

Day 4 of 30. Writing a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month! Writing late at night again. I should be in bed! I had the first two lines of this poem scribbled down and built it out from there. This is one that could possibly benefit from some revisions at a later date with fresh eyes. It was fun to write a poem with a different shape and feel! #NaPoWriMo

you look at me, so damn cute
just a few more months of being mute
I can’t wait to hear your voice
to taste how it sounds when you use
actual words instead of shrieks and coos

I’ll miss this time then
when I simply sense your intentions
our conversations monologues
punctuated by whines whoops whimpers
just waiting for your giggles

precious moments, these
few months without a voice

when you find it, use it
wisely, my love

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