Two seven five

Day 5 of 30. I’m writing a poem a day for #NaPoWriMo and so far they have all been about my daughter 🙂 I started this one yesterday and finished it today. I’m having fun, but this lack of variety must be quite boring to people?? Sorry, readers! OMG I’m becoming so Canadian – apologising for everything! Here’s the poem…

today is number two seven five
that’s how many days you’ve been alive
see your dad keeps track of some wacky stats
I’m a wee bit weird but you’ll get used to that
don’t be surprised if you get a cake
on some seemingly random date
‘cos every day’s a reason to celebrate
especially number two seven five
it means the day has now arrived
that you’ve been three quarters around the sun
just as you did inside mum’s tum
I love you, my dear
I hope you like it here

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