Love is louder

Last summer, I was shocked to hear that a group of far-right nationalists were holding a demonstration outside City Hall on a Saturday morning. I walked the short distance to City Hall and was blown away by the scale and beauty of the counter-demonstration. I harvested the poem below from what I witnessed and experienced.

The same “patriots” are demonstrating outside City Hall one Saturday a month. Thank you to Love is Louder and People for Peace London Ontario for continuing to mobilize with your whole hearts through the snow and rain. Let’s keep showing up, and showing them that love is louder!

Here’s a clip of me sharing the poem at another demonstration outside City Hall in October.

Love not hate makes London great.

Posted by Mike Roy on Saturday, October 28, 2017

And here’s a performance of the poem at Innovation Works as part of the I Belong Downtown event in November.

Starting our day off right at Innovation Works. Thank you for your words Heenal.

Posted by Innovation Works London on Monday, November 6, 2017

On August 26th, 2017
I saw the event on Facebook
I decided to take a look
I wondered how many had heard the call
to assemble outside city hall
for this demonstration against immigration
twenty so-called “patriots” came along
and we met them – five hundred strong!
you come dressed in ammo and guns
we’ll fight back with air horns and drums
singing our freedom songs
‘cos this land is our land
all our land
and we’re proud that London is open
we’re proud that we welcome refugees
and other newcomers, like me
we’re proud to open our hearts
your hate is loud, but love is louder


You call yourselves “Patriots of Canada”
dressed in morbid monochrome
saying things like “Muslims go home!”
really, are you kidding me?
Home is a place they’ll never ever see
no one chooses to be a refugee
and diversity makes London great
this is no place for hate
we choose love over hate
only love can drive out hate
‘cos London is the Forest City
not the Fascist City
stop pretending your racism is patriotism
hate is loud
but Love is Louder


I can’t believe we still have to protest this
but we do
evil prevails when good people remain silent
white silence equals violence
we won’t stay silent
we will speak up, show up, stand up
we choose equality, solidarity, humanity
we choose love over fear
refugees are welcome here
for a Canada that’s inclusive, not abusive,
a Canada that’s conducive to life
to thriving together as one
and remember
white people are immigrants too
if immigration’s a crime, no one’s more guilty than you
hate is loud
but Love is Louder


Let us understand more
so that we may fear less
share more, domineer less
can we do this here? YES!
I tell you this:
respect existence
or expect resistance
of the most peaceful kind
discipline and compassion combined
a battle for peace of heart and mind
hate is loud
but Love is Louder


This is the world we live in
where this kind of protest is needed
we’ve got work to do, til bigotry’s superseded
there’s still an argument to be had and we must argue every day
this is not the USA but Trump’s just a couple hours away

Diversity is strength
(If you don’t believe me, just ask an ecosystem)
there’s so much that humanity could become
I know we can coexist, we’re not that dumb
but right now the reality is
these “nationalists” are here
in their army gear sowing fear
we have to stop them:
that much is clear

so let us show them that we are all stardust
let us show them a world that is loving and just
let us show them, because we must
let us smile although they’re thugs
let us floor them with free hugs
let us make love not war, every day
there is no way to peace:
peace is the way

let us show them
that hate is loud, but Love is louder
hate is loud, but Love is so much louder
hate is loud, but Love is Louder

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