i owe you a poem

Day 1 of 30. As part of #NaPoWriMo, I will be writing and sharing a poem every day throughout April 🙂

i owe you a poem
it’s been some time
i’ve no way of knowin’
if it’ll even rhyme
i’ll just scribble down some letters
and hope they make words
perhaps planning’s better
but that’d be absurd
‘cos you are the proof
that planning’s over-rated
you fell right through the roof
like an angel blessed and fated
in an instant all doubts evaporated
by your merely being, i know i’ve made it
now i have wings
my heart always sings
no day will be more celebrated
than the day you arrived
and showed me why i’m alive
i owe you a poem
it’s been a while
i’ll never stop owin’
you, my dear sweet child

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