Hello, World!

So here it is, here I am. If you’re reading this, I’ve finally done it. I’ve started a blog!

On this blog I will share my poetry, things I’m working on, and cool stuff I notice in the world around me. It sounds kind of boring when I put it like that. I hope it won’t be boring! My goal is to post twice a week and to document my blogging journey as well as my life.

It’s a scary thing, putting my life and thoughts out there for all eternity on the interwebs. Who knows who might read this? What might they think of me? I’m not known as someone who has difficulty speaking his mind, but somehow this feels different. I feel ready — just about! — to step into the discomfort.

Because life is too short to hold back. Too short not to speak my truth, not to use my voice, not to shine my light. Too short not to be vulnerable. Too short to worry what anybody else might think or say. It’s time to stand up and step into the fire. Fuck it, I’m all in.

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