Another poem inspired by watching my baby. Day 7 of 30 of writing a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month. #NaPoWriMo

everything is fascinating to you
you don’t care if it’s old or if it’s new
it’s something to touch, something to chew
everything is fascinating to you

I love how everything’s fascinating to you
but your curiosity needs some watching too
especially when you go to the loo
‘cos everything’s fascinating, even poo

ever so closely you look at it
squish it between your digits
you lift it up and put it to your lips
‘cos everything is fascinating to you

even though it tastes like shit
you just don’t know when to quit
you’ll try it again next time you sit
‘cos everything is fascinating to you

I wish everyone found things as fascinating as you
us adults have such a fixed point of view
we think we have imagination, but we rarely do
I’m not saying we should all eat poo
but maybe if adults found things so fascinating too
things wouldn’t end up the way they always do

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