Ain’t no algorithm

This poem is a follow-up/sequel to one I wrote before Freya was born called “Slack parenting”. I’ll share that on here some time after #NaPoWriMo is over 🙂

Before I was a dad
I didn’t know what fun I’d have
trying to figure out
what baby’s sounds are all about
when she coos, when she cries
when she wails with desperate eyes
and wakes a hundred times in the night
and makes me feel all broken inside
when she’s too tired to sleep or eat
when she’s sick and can’t even breathe
I love every single second of loving her
of figuring it out, together
mummy and daddy make a great team
we’re all that our baby needs
our heart our touch is the ultimate healing
the art of trusting our gut feeling
all the research we did means very little
all the experts in the world can’t solve my precious riddle
there’s no book, no Youtube, no listicle
ain’t no algorithm that knows her rhythm like we do
and I like that, thank you very much
thank God there’s no app
that can change her nappy
no button to click to make her happy
because then, what would be the use of Daddy?

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