What I’m up to NOW

I often get asked (by friends, family, people I’ve just met, my wife) what I’m up to. To be honest, I myself sometimes forget everything that I’m doing – and what I’m not doing! The purpose of this page is to let you (and me!) know what I am focused on at this point in my life. Read more about the Now page movement started by Derek Sivers.

Words that are in bold below are reminders for me to make these words into links, once I eventually get round to writing the posts that they link to. This page was updated on April 18, 2018.


I am at home in London, Ontario, and feeling very ready for winter to be over! One year into my Canadian adventure, I am working to make a life for myself in this strange new land, while writing poetry, and trying to be a good dad and step-dad. I am taking part in #NaPoWriMo – writing a poem a day throughout the month of April. I’m glad to finally have some pressure to write more regularly, although I really don’t have the time!

I am the Event Producer for 100in1Day London, which is taking place on Saturday, June 2nd in partnership with Springboard, Urban League, Evergreen and Downtown London. With just six weeks to go, this role is taking up every spare second that I have (and there weren’t many of those to begin with!). It’s a dream job for me, my mind is swirling with possibilities and I’m taking it one day at a time.

100In1Day Canada is part of a global initiative with the goal to inspire change in cities across the country by compelling residents to activate 100 innovative, thought-provoking ideas into interventions to enhance their city all on one day.

A month ago, I fell down the stairs and hurt my back! I was training for a half-marathon and going to the gym, but no more. I’m lucky – it could have been worse! At this point, I’m still planning on running the 21k, even though I won’t have run at all for more than six weeks by that point. I will listen to my body, though!

We are wrapping up the Useful Evaluation Project, a two-year project with five partner organizations which I joined in its final stretch. As part of this project, Adam Fearnall and I are producing the Useful Evaluation Podcast, the first foray into the podcast world for either of us, which has been a lot of fun!

My wife and I are attempting to live a package free lifestyle. This means shopping at six grocery stores each week instead of one, and making our own butter, toothpaste, etc. Our dream is to open a package free grocery store here in London.


A proud co-tenant of Innovation Works, I’m doing my best to animate the community, by instigating a Human Library, convening a monthly Fathers’ Circle, and being part of the Wellness Works initiative. We are organising Wellness Day on Saturday May 5th, a full day of wellness events, activities and workshops, open to all and completely free of charge.

I am convening a circle that meets monthly, asking “Who do we choose to be?” Choose To Be and Wellness Works are supporting the creation of a wellness space at Innovation Works, which we hope to launch in time for Wellness Day.

Wherever opportunities arise, I am carrying out poetic harvesting, facilitating poetry workshops and hosting participatory events, processes and conversations. I recently facilitated a workshop at Clarke Road Secondary School on the subject of toxic masculinity.

I am inviting other to play the Flow Game, which is becoming a bigger part both of my offering to the world, and of my personal practice. I am part of a team creating a new Flow Game website and a website for our Practising for Peace dojo.

As a Director of the newly incorporated London Environment Network, I seek to foster collaboration among organisations in the environmental sector in London. In my role on the Executive of the Piccadilly Area Neighbourhood Association, I am working to grow the membership base and to put Piccadilly on the map. With our neighbours, my wife and I are organising an end-of-summer block party.

Meanwhile, I am dancing, journaling, waking up early, monotasking and trying to be less productive.